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5 Reviews
I absolutely love this wig. There aren’t too many people that know that I wear a wig, and even the ones that do know can’t believe how authentic this one is. If they hadn’t known they would have never of guessed. It’s so light, and comfortable, I myself forget that it’s not my own.
I followed the washing directions step by step and this hair is gorgeous! It washed and styled beautifully, the hair is silky smooth, and the color is gorgeous.
This unit is the bomb, I’ve gotten soooooo many compliments on how natural and good it looks! The hair holds curl exceptionally well. Definitely a fave, can’t wait to try more!
Great quality, quick shipping, my favorite for every day activities. Hair is manageable and soft. Would definitely purchase again
The hair was very soft and easy to style. I highly recommend it because it’s perfect and easy to maintain.
She is beautiful and stylish although you might need to have it trimmed on the ends for your head . I love the quality of the hair and the color.
I don’t use it every day because I want to keep it nice, but when I wear it it’s beautiful and looks totally natural.
Carol Myles
This is an absolutely gorgeous human hair wig! Worth the $$... I have 2 pieces in the same color, so I can alternate... both in laguna blonde, which I love! Thank you wigsroyal for your outstanding customer service, and for making this beautiful hair for us women who are not blessed with naturally beautiful hair!
I will say that this wig is the most comfortable wig I've worn and I sometimes forget it's even on my head. I feel beautiful in it. The only thing I dislike is taking it off because the transformation is so amazing. I feel beautiful and confident wearing it. I get compliments on it often. I can't wait to buy another one for my backup.
This is my second time buying it. i love it. it stays well until a year if you use it daily. i still save the old one and use it at work. I saved my new one to special events until the first one really goes bad. which i am thinking of still keeping it. lol
I am soo pleased with this purchase! I have gotten this wig in 3 different colors over the past year after losing my long hair! it was heartbreaking but this is the only thing making me feel like myself again. Absolutely love and don’t know what i would do without it! The wig is so natural and i love the rooted styles
This was my first time ever trying any wigs. I have been working towards the natural no heat and going to work everyday having to do my hair was a lot of pulling. This wig was nice full and the curls are so kinky, defined, and soft.
I have purchased about 30 wigs human and synthetic, this wig is by far the best, so realistic and dries curly like a beachy wave, you cannot go wrong with this item, love it love it

I love the hair topper from wigsroyal especially because it’s Heat friendly and I can style it. I wish they would bring back more colors as I would buy this in a heart beat!

This topper is so cute! Easy to style and so comfortable.
Perfect topper Soft and natural, comfortable and looks great Thanks WigsRoyal
I love this wig! The color is perfect and so is the density. It’s so soft! It looks like my own hair.
Love the color and style. Maybe just a bit too full and a bit too shiny. Fit is good. A good style.
I told wigsroyal on my travel planned outside India and these guys delivered both the products in 1 week time..super happy with the support received...u guys rock.. highly recommend their products for their quality and professionalism

This is the easiest piece to wear and the most flattering for my overall style. I now have three shades and all look so natural.This topper solved my problem a lot.


I have to say this by far has been my favorite wig I have ordered! The color is exactly what I was looking for and fits great. It’s light weight and comfortable.Thank you Wigsroyal.

I am a changed woman. I had breast cancer. I am now in remission of 5 years now. My hair came back uneven, and no hair in parts of my scalp. I bought this wig and I am a beautiful woman. I feel so blessed that Wigsroyal's style wig would make a big/changed difference in my looks and life change. Thank you Wigsroyal for a great blessing. My famiRead more about review stating New womanly and friends thought it was my own hair. It is a beautiful natural look. Thanks again.
She looks so real and cost me about $250 less than the wig I bought from a local wig shop before I knew about Wigsroyal. The two wigs are very much alike in color and length so people always think it is my real hair. A few of my friends even better than the expensive wig. I wish I had found out about Wigsroyal before I bought it!
This WIG !! This is one of my favorite wig it was already pre pluck !! It's true to length! Hair is super soft and super thick! Definitely worth every Penny! Will be ordering again !
Such beautiful color. my husband didn’t even know it was a wig and it’s such a nice style and very close to the way I wear my own hair.

The hair is really soft! Long and very pretty upon opening the package ! Didn’t come with a weird smell as there are scented packets in the package. The company was kind enough to give a few extras in the bag which was awesome ! I had questions and contacted customer service and they were very kind to me. 100% awesome experience with customer service

I like my hair. It is beautiful and fresh. The lace is thin and feels comfortable. No smell! Hair is very very very fluffy, high quality! The delivery is fast, it is very easy to wear, and it was received in less than 5 days. The seller's service attitude was very good, which made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely buy again, 5-star reviews!

My own hair is dark, so I've always wanted to buy a light wig for a change of style.I love the color it's exactly what I've been looking for. The hair is super soft and thick.Has no shedding,No smell. The quality is very great and good pricing! Would definitely purchase again!

The texture was a perfect, I love how thick this topper is. It is super soft, no shredding and it is true to length. The topper is a great investment, and Iwell be shopping with them again.
The lace is good, very light and thin, easy to blend, fits my skin very well, very breathable, and has no peculiar smell. The hair is thick and dense. It is soft, smooth and silky. The hair quality is great! There is currently no hair loss. The customer service is great. I definitely recommend this hair to all my friends.
The hair is sooo beautiful and soft . The service is really sweet and has great communication. Hair came a day earlier . True to length!! Super soft and silky definitely worth the money . I love this hair
It's really beautiful!! I took it out and my friends said I felt like a new man. I've bought a lot of wigs from other suppliers, but only Wigsroyal struck me as the most authentic. Buy it and trim it yourself a little. It looks natural.
Their wigs are really high quality. Wear special natural, don't have to dye and perm and damage their hair, really very convenient. And it feels very soft and smooth. This allows me to switch styles on a daily basis. I really like this wig!
I really like this topper. There's a noticeable increase in hair volume, but it doesn't look too fake. The seams are natural, breathable and firm.
This topper is amazing. It's super natural! I've worn a lot of cheap Toppers before, and sure enough, you get what you pay for. This topper is light and doesn't pull at the scalp. The hair is also very good and must not be easily knotted.
I opened the package as soon as I received it. The wig is shiny and smooth. Joanna's service is excellent and attentive. I bought it straight because I could use a curling iron to create my own curls.
Wear operation is very simple, directly put on you can go out, and very natural. It's the exact same color as my hair, and it doesn't upset my scalp.
This topper is awesome! Not a cheap topper, no knots or hair loss, high quality. For people who don't have much hair. It's worth buying.
Their customer service was very patient. Sophie said they could fill my order in a week, but they did it in five days. I got my hair sooner than I thought.
I was stunned when I put this topper on. Is this still me? With more hair, I felt confident all of a sudden. Thanks to Wigsroyal for making such a great topper for me.
I've been looking for a wig that fits me. My friend recommended Wigsroyal to me. Their customer service was very patient to help me answer the questions, I am very grateful. I would buy it again.
My hair is a little thin and my hairline is a little high. This topper helped me solve these problems very well. And their company's logistics is also very good, the service is also very thoughtful.
Wigsroyal's topper is really good quality, no tangles, no falling out, and it's soft and blends well with my own hair. I have attached pictures without topper and with topper. You can see the difference for yourself. It's really great.
I love this wig! This is the style I want!My friends also say I look good with it and keep asking me which company I bought it from.
Buying Wigsroyal's tooper was the best thing I ever did! It really helps me a lot and makes my hair look full and natural. I bought a straight topper and did it myself with a curling iron and I really love it!
Barbara Bailey
I am tire of buying from other vendors and being unhappy with what they give me. Never a good fit but when wigsroyal make for me i always have a good fit.The silktop wig fits perfect.I would recommend wigsroyal to anyone needing a good wig!