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Check Out The New Silk Top Gripper Wig For Alopecian
June 22, 2024

Are you still worried about the wig being unstable in your daily life? Are you still worried about not finding a suitable wig for yourself? Are you still worried about hair loss? The new SILK Top Gripper Wig from Wigsroyal will solve everything for you.

Firstly, let's take a look at the cap construction of this new product. Open lace front from template to template makes the hairline more natural. Its head is composed of a layer of lace mesh and a layer of silk. This combination makes the wig more sturdy and makes the top of the head more like a human scalp. It has added anti slip PU on the top and back of the head, making it difficult for the wig to fall off. Ear tabs, We use regular PU for the ear tabs,neck , and front edge of the silk top. You can use tape to secure the wig.

Here are the pictures of the hairline that I pick from the front and the side. We can see that it is very natural and realistic, thanks to the design of the open lace-front from temple-to-temple.



Our designer has also put a lot of effort into the texture and color of the wig. So these wigs are very in line with the current trend and can meet the styling needs of different wig enthusiasts.



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