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Hair Texture Chart

We can make any hair textures. For example silky straight, natural straight, natural wave, light yaki, yaki, kinky straight, Italian yaki, body wave, loose wave, wavy, very wavy, deep wave, curly, tight curl, afro curl, kinky curl, jeri curl, wet & wavy. And so on. We also can duplicate the curl as picture. You can send the big and clear pictures to us, we can duplicate the same curl as pictures. 


Texture Name Texture size Texture Name Texture size
 Jeri curl    Very Wavy  2.5cm
 Kinky curl      Wavy  3.0cm
 Tight Afro  0.2cm  Light Wave  3.2cm
 Afro curl  0.4cm  Loose Wave  3.5cm
 Loose Afro  0.6cm  Body Wave  3.8cm
 Tightest Curl  0.8cm  Natural wave  
 Tight Curl  1.0cm  Natural straight  
 Very Curly  1.2cm  YAKI straight  
 Curly  1.5cm  Kinky straight  
 Loose Curl  1.8cm  Italian Yaki  
 Light Curl  2.2cm  Straight  5.0cm
 Deep wave      


What does the cm number mean?

Well, if the curl is, for example 1.0cm then it means that if the hair is long enough to form a circle, the circle will have a 1cm diameter. You can see this effect in the photograph of the curl samples below. Note the 12" ruler at the bottom of the picture for scale.


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